Economic Development

A core part of every chamber, the Economic Development Committee is heavily invested in the economic vitality of not only Springfield but of the entire Eugene-Springfield metroplex.

Secondary Wood Products Cluster, Glenwood Conference Center, South Willamette Economic Development Corporation, Oregon Forest Research Institute, and the Glenwood Refinement Plan. What do all of these things have in common? They have been at the center of conversations of the Chamber’s Economic Development Committee. The committee believes in being relevant to conversations about the economic landscape of the region. With a solid core of members representing small to large businesses in both Springfield and Eugene, this committee is in the know when it comes to matters about the local economic environment. The Committee has played a key leadership role in formulating several city-wide economic development initiatives and in defining the community’s future efforts.

“The focus of the Economic Development Committee is to understand the local and regional climate for economic development and to seek out ways for the Springfield Chamber to play a positive role in regional and local economic development,” says Committee Chair Mike Eyster.

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At Lane Transit District we are driven by the people we serve, providing independence to those in our community.  A community is at its best when we have access to the places and services that are important to us all.  Every year, millions of riders depend on us to get to work, go to school, make it to medical appointments, or for a stress-free ride to the game.  To learn more about what drives us, watch the video below

It all started with asking Why?

At Lane Transit District, we asked ourselves why we do what we do. What we heard is summarized like this:

We believe in providing people with the independence to achieve their goals, creating a more vibrant, sustainable, and equitable community.

How we do it:

We serve the community with respect.
We continuously question if there's a better way.
We collaborate internally and externally.
We care for our employees, customers, and business partners.
We plan for a sustainable future.

What we do:

We provide reliable transit services that address the needs of the community.
We provide a viable alternative to the automobile through high-quality transportation options, programs, and services.
We provide leadership in the development of the region's transportation system.
We practice safety and maintain safe and accessible vehicles, services, and facilities.
We practice sound fiscal and sustainability management.

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2015 National Planning Excellence Award for Economic Planning and Development

On May 13, 2015 the American Planning Association presented the National Planning Excellence Award for Economic Planning & Development to Phase I Glenwood Refinement Plan.  Congratulations to the City of Springfield and everyone involved in the planning.

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Springfield named a prime hub for companies to move goods (despite Port of Portland turmoil)

In the March 19, 2015 Edition of the Oregonian, an article by Elliot Njus reported that "Boyd Co., Inc., a New Jersey site selection company whose clients include PepsiCo, Hewlett-Packard and Dell, placed Springfield among the 25 most logistics-friendly cities in the nation".  You can see the article here.

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