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Safety Gear Exchange

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Looking for a local source of safety gear or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to meet COVID-19 safety measures in your workplace?

As Lane County navigates Oregon’s re-opening strategy, many of you are looking forward to getting back to business. For those sectors now able to reopen, you’re operating under guidelines and best practices put forth by the Oregon Health Authority, including specific instructions of PPE use by both customers and employees. These guidelines can be found in our Back to Business: a guide to reopening.  



The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce has created this resource to help facilitate member-to-member exchange of safety gear and PPE. Whether you are manufacturing certified PPE, sewing masks at home, or have any other safety gear at your disposal, we invite you to use this platform as a way to purchase, sell, and/or donate safety supplies.



Safety Gear Currently Available

Above All Sanitation Inc.

  • Gear Available: NIOSH Approved N95 and KN95 masks.
  • Price: Varies - Contact for pricing
  • Contact: 541-242-1002

AIMS Vascular Access

  • Gear Available: Providing OHSA approved Qualitative Fit Testing for N95 masks. Perfect for small business compliance.
  • Price: Varies - Contact for pricing details
  • Contact: Tammy Inglis-Drew: (541) 505-7386

Century Lighting

  • Gear Available: UV lights and light fixtures for workplace sanitation. Download Product Details Here.
  • Price: Varies - Contact for pricing details
  • Contact: Suzanne or Joe: 541-726-5994

Eugene Sanitized Express LLC

  • Gear Available: We're actively seeking partnerships with local senior home centers and communities so that we can most efficiently direct our services to those needing them. Our processes involve: Every employee wearing N95 Masks (highest quality). Employees are required to wear full skin-covering clothes while working. Employees wear surgical latex gloves while working. Pick-Ups go through a top to bottom sanitation utilizing high-quality, natural disinfectants, twice. We can accommodate any additional safety concerns necessary for each client. Find more information here or on their website:
  • Price: Our pricing is estimate-based and depends on travel+size of pick-up, however, our baseline delivery price is $40/delivery, as this covers the cost of the sanitizing equipment & disinfectants we use.
  • Contact: Benjamin Jacks at: or (541) 844-4609

FPW Media

  • Gear Available: Reusable Face Coverings, Face Shields, Hand Sanitizer (individual or bulk refills), Sanitizing Stations, Signage, Floor Decals, Acrylic Barriers, Shelter Tents, & More.
  • Price: Varies by product & quantities
  • Contact: Ryan Jones,, (541) 343-1355 extension 2

The Hansen Insurance Agency

  • Gear Available: Fabric Face Masks. Made during weekends only and not accepting special orders.
  • Quantity: Donations available up to 5 masks per business, masks for sale as supply permits. Contact Brenda Hansen for information on the availability of masks.
  • Price: $7.50
  • Contact: Brenda Hansen, or 541-726-0954 extension 4

Heritage Distilling Co.

  • PPE Available: Hand Sanitizer (750ml bottles)
  • Quantity: Limit 4 bottles/person/day. Contact HDC Eugene for bulk business orders and pricing.
  • Price: $15/bottle
  • Contact: / 541-357-4431 / 110 Madison St. Eugene, OR 97402
  • Additional Info: Open daily 12-7 pm for to-go purchases of Sanitizer, Spirits, Mixers, and Merchandise. Curbside pickup and local delivery available (call to order).

MAD Enterprises - Margie Basaraba eXp Realty

  • Gear Available: Masks
  • Quantity: Contact for quantity
  • Price: $8 each
  • Contact: Margie Basaraba. Email: or call: 509-979-4927

MAC Group

  • Gear Available: Fabric Masks and Plastic Customer Service Shields. Simple, straightforward sneeze guards ready to deliver or pick up but we also design and custom build professional solutions that your employees and customers will appreciate. The goal is to make sneeze guards less noticeable and look more like it’s part of the office environment. We have other PPE solutions as well. Give us a call and allow us to help your company look sharp!
  • Quantity: Made to order
  • Price: Varies per product
  • Contact: 541-736-8886 or email Dave Benton at

McKenzie SewOn

  • Gear Available: KN95 Masks, 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks, and 3-Ply 100% Cotton Face Masks
  • Quantity: Limited quantities, while supplies last
  • Price: KN95 Masks ($3.32/each minimum order of 50), 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks ($1.20/each minimum order of 50) and 3-Ply 100% Cotton Face Masks ($2.15/each or $4.00/each with a 1-color logo, minimum order of 500)
  • Contact: Call or Email Carol Schull: 541-343-2263;

Morel Ink

  • Gear Available: Signage, floor decals, tents, informational fliers, acrylic barriers, masks
  • Quantity: Made to order
  • Price: Varies by product and quantities
  • Contact:, More info HERE


  • Gear Available: All types of gloves, procedure masks, and 95, KN95, face Shields, protective goggles and safety glasses, bouffant caps, shoe and boot covers, Tyvek suits, hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant wipes and sprays, disinfectant atomizers, personal protection kits for work and home, disposable gowns, 3M 1860, fluid impervious mattress covers, seat covers, first aid kits, emergency preparedness kits - Check out their website for more products and information!
  • Price: Varies by product and quantities
  • Contact: Katy Kennedy 541-206-4989

Logo Concepts

South Eugene Robotics Team

  • Gear Available: Face Shields
  • Quantity: Batches of 10
  • Price: N/A
  • Contact: Patrick Logan,, 541-913-5093

Terra Tech

  • Gear Available: Cotton Face Masks. We also have industrial sewing capabilities to create custom PPE solutions, such as plastic protective barriers. Nitrile gloves are also available. Contact for more information.
  • Quantity: Made to order
  • Price: Price varies based on order quantity. Mask Pricing: (1-499: $4.50ea)(500-1499: $4.00ea)(1500+: 3.50ea)
  • Contact: Todd 541-345-0597;

Have Safety Gear to List?

Email Dani and we'll make sure to get your available supplies up on this page. Email through the link below:


Looking for a larger PPE supplier? Biz Oregon has cultivated a list of nation-wide manufacturers and distributors of PPE:

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