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Springfield Leadership Workshop

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The Springfield Chamber of Commerce has developed the Springfield Leadership Workshop to identify and help prepare leaders within our community. This three day workshop provides an exclusive opportunity to enhance your own civic leadership skills, or to build leadership within your organization.

Participants in this program can expect to...

Develop a deeper understanding of – and appreciation for – effective community leadership.
Discover opportunities to serve that are well-suited to your own skills and passions.
Build solid and lasting relationships with community minded professionals.
Assess and analyze your unique leadership skills.
Establish your own leadership goals and the steps needed to accomplish them.


Upcoming Workshop Dates


April 14-16th, 2020
11:30pm - 5:00pm


"As someone new to the area, the workshop was a great opportunity to learn about the community I live in and connect with likeminded individuals who want to get involved!"
Kara Bijesse, Ausland Group

"One generally has an idea of what topics will be covered in a "leadership" workshop and this workshop exceeded that notion with a variety of topics."
Loralyn Spiro, City of Springfield

"My time at the Springfield Leadership Workshop was incredibly valuable both for my development and my involvement in the community. By listening to speakers and participating in discussions and activities we learned how to take the next step with the tools we need to succeed and give back."
David Landon, Royal Caribbean

"If you are in a Leadership role or aspire to be a Leader and you want to take it to the next level, this workshop can give you some insight from those who have been there! The Story telling aspect of the workshop to me was of the most value! As you develop as a leader the stories you tell define you and your organization. Each presenter ( I think there were about a dozen) tells their stories of success and failure, mixed in there is incite on the story telling process (Robert Killen)! When you get that TV interview or get on that panel and have to speak to 300 peeps or do that $1,000,000.00 ask you will be ready!"
Roy Nelson, Executive Director NextStep Recycling

2020 Springfield Leadership Workshop Sponsor

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