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#LoveLaneBiz Pledge


#LoveLaneBiz | A Pledge to Safely Serve the Community

The safety of our businesses and community members continues to be top of mind. To show your commitment to following guidelines, staying informed, and continuing to be kind, patient, and respectful - we invite you to take the #LoveLaneBiz pledge; a pledge to safely serve our Lane County community as we reopen. This pledge is not only for businesses though. We encourage customers to sign on also and show their support for our local businesses.



While all businesses that are operating are required to follow the mandated guidelines, we’re offering an opportunity to take this additional pledge so that consumers can feel confident visiting these establishments and utilizing services.


​We invite you to take this pledge and share it! Below is a form and with each business that signs the pledge, we’ll add you to this site. There is a printable PDF that we encourage you to print and hang at your place of business. You can also update your Facebook profile to utilize the pledge profile photo frame and share your badge on social media letting consumers know you’re committed to this community!


Supporting local businesses during this time will help these companies bounce back and our economy to recover. Right now, that support means shopping local, following health guidelines, and providing grace and understanding as businesses adapt to and navigate new guidelines being required by the state.

We encourage community members to take this pledge to support our local businesses; our neighbors; our friends; our families; and our community as we work to keep Lane County open.






#LoveLaneBiz Customer Pledge


Alicia Heer

Alyssa Powell

Andy & Debbie Vobora

Barbara Flitcroft

Bettina Hannigan

Brett Golonk

Brittany Quick-Warner

Calvin Polen

Candice Hook

Carol Tannenbaum

Cassie Stoner

Cedric Rudd

Danielle Thompson

Derek Richwine

Elora Kelsh

Erica Dooley

Erik Parrish

Heidi Bloodgood

Israel Bloodgood

Jeannie Bealer

Jennifer Archer

Jo Beaudreau

Jodi M Sommers

Joe Berney

John DeWenter

Juanita Metzler

Julia Voigt

Katie Frericks

Kim Thompson

Kristin Bond

Larissa Straily

Mark Molina

Mark Riddle

Mary Mackey

Melinda Thompson

Miriam Whiteley

Pam Whyte

Patricia L McConnell

Phil Farrington

Ron Saylor

Sally Wantz

Sarah Jean Wilson

Shari Bea

Vonnie Mikkelsen

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