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The health of our businesses and community members is always top of mind, and particularly so during the evolving health and economic circumstances surrounding COVID-19. We have created this site with that in mind, and to help business and community organizations stay informed of the resources, information, and assistance available to them.

To navigate through immediate, evolving, and near future impacts, the Chamber is and will be working closely with public and private business and economic development partners. We will work to effectively anticipate, respond, and advocate for resources; particularly those that will help mitigate the impacts on your business and on our community. Please bookmark this page and check for regular updates. If you are a business or a community organization with resources to offer, you’re invited to share them for us to review and publish:


IMPORTANT SCAM WARNING: We've received notice of potential scams related to entities posing as funding/resource agencies contacting businesses to receive their information. PLEASE DO NOT provide personal or business information over the phone or via email unless you know the source.


Visit Lane County’s updated Pub Health page with alert level notification system in place

Questions from the business community can go to:  - Lane County Business Team


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